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Web Hosting & Domain Names

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Web Hosting & Domain Names With Marketing For Me

We offer great prices on web hosting and can find the perfect domain name for you.

Web Hosting

We have Web Hosting Packages that can be paid per month or an annual fee. A non E-commerce website hosting plan starts at €17 per month or an annual fee of €180. By hosting with Marketing For Me you have access to a range of options like: (These Options Can Be Seen On Our Web Design Page).

  • Analytics 
  • Product Management
  • SEO Optimization Tools
  • Blog Writing
  • Image Gallery Management Facility

Choose your Plan Today - Monthly or Annually. We would be glad to assist you with any more questions by filling out our form below.

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If you would like to contact us by email or phone click here for our contact page.

Domain Names

Are you looking for that perfect domain name for your website? We have access to millions of domain names whether it be .ie, .com, .net or .co.uk. Thanks to our relationship with GoDaddy and Register 365 we can find that perfect name at the best price for you. Enter your desired domain name below and we can get back to you with its availability and pricing plan.

The name for your website example www.marketingforme.ie

At Marketing For Me we have excellent relationships with companies like GoDaddy, Amazon, Pure Chat etc. If you are interested in any of these services and what to learn more we would be happy to assist you. Check out our contact page to get in touch today.

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